Peyton Manning is the new Tom Brady

     Peyton Manning is the new Brady. Literally. He passed Tom Brady on Monday for the most touchdowns passes in the first three games of the season. Manning now has 12 touchdowns and no interceptions to go along with 1,143 passing yards. This puts Manning on track to throw for over 6,000 yards with 64 touchdowns this season. Now we all know he probably isn't going to do that, but he has a significant chance to break Tom Brady's 50 touchdown record (he's the new Brady, remember?).

     Now to get back to Tom Brady. The Patriots are 3-0, so why all the fuss about him? Well his passer rating is a pedestrian 79.4 so far this season and he has been held to just 698 passing yards. You can say that his receivers aren't the same this season, and they aren't. But aside from Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning never really had the receivers that Brady has had throughout his career.

     Tom Brady had (and has) the privilege of throwing his touchdowns to guys like Randy Moss, Wes Welker (meh he is on the Broncos now, but he is past his prime), Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and even old Troy Brown.

     Tom Brady is quite overrated, and when you start to take away the stars around him, it's quite obvious. The Patriots without Tom Brady for a season went 10-6. The Colts without Manning went 2-14. The most underrated quarterback of the past decade is Donovan McNabb, who had tons of talent but never any talent around him (aside from Terrell Owens in 2004, in which the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl).

     Bottom line: give McNabb or Manning receivers like that and a 15-1 or 16-0 season is likely.

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