NFL Sunday Week 2 Recap

     The second Sunday in this 2013 NFL season is now complete. There were a lot of tight games. The Vikings almost beat the Bears. The Chargers scraped past the Eagles. New England (once again) barely took down their opponent in New York. Peyton Manning took down younger brother Eli in Manning Bowl III.

NFL.com     Here are my interesting stat-lines for Week 2 so far:
  • Colin Kaepernick had just 127 passing yards and 3 interceptions in San Francisco's 29-3 loss to Seattle (maybe overrated?)
  • Eli Manning threw for 362 yards and a touchdown, but had 4 interceptions in the Giants loss to Denver.
  • Michael Vick threw for 428 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for 23 yards and a touchdown, yet the Eagles lost San Diego by a field goal.

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