What the heck is this Riley Cooper deal about?

     A few days ago, a video surfaced showing Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper using the "forbidden ever to be said by a white person"  word. Now most of the NFL and the country hates him.

     While I do believe that using the N-word is obviously wrong, I don't think Cooper deserves this much crap from everyone. I want to point out a few things:

  1. Cooper was probably drunk, which is not a good enough excuse, but still worth noting.
  2. He is obviously not a racist, or he would not be so chill playing football with a bunch of blacks.
  3. Black people use the N-word ALL THE TIME. Sure it's not the same, but it is worth noting.
  4. Black people (including those in the NFL) use racial slurs such as cracker ALL THE TIME.
  5. Many argue that because the N-word was used to describe slaves. Sure it was, but back then all it was was slang for Negro, which just means black.
  6. How many former slaves do you see today? How many people who went through the heart of segregation? Not too many. Black people today are benefiting from wrongs that they were not a victim of whatsoever. 
  7. Blacks should not be so easily offended. I mean really, if I was black, I could not care less what some random white guy thought about blacks.

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