Can Domonic Brown please be an All Star?

From ap.org

       I am writing this to benefit the National League All Star team for 2013. Everyone, Phillies fan or not, needs to vote in Domonic Brown as a starting outfielder in the All Star game. If you leave out the outfielder with the most home runs, second highest OPS, most RBI, and second most extra base hits... than you probably don't know what "All Star" means.

     The only NL outfielder who is doing as well as Dom Brown is Carlos Gonzalez, and his offensive stats are inflated due to his home ballpark - Coors Field (you can hit the ball 8-10% farther there, which adds about 5-10 homers per year).

     As of the last vote update, Dom is not even in the top 15 in NL voting for outfielders. All I have to say is: B.J. Upton just plain sucks this season, and he has more votes (as of June 4th) than Brown.

     I mean, if Brown can keep this pace (while getting some more walks), he could easily be a top 5 MVP candidate in his first full season.

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