Cardboard Player Spotlight: Hisashi Iwakuma

Hisashi Iwakuma
SP - Seattle Mariners

Notable Stats - 2013
  • ERA: 1.74     4th in AL
  • WHIP: 0.74     1st in AL
  • IP: 51 2/3     6th in AL
  • SO: 51     7th in AL
  • OPS Against: .477     1st in AL
Age: 32
Debut: 2012

    Iwakuma has been flat out dominant this 2013 season, going 4-1 in 8 starts for the Mariners. He has surgical control of four pitches, including a 89-92 mph fastball and an extremely nasty splitter.

     If Iwakuma can keep up this level of play for a whole 162 games, he has a very legitimate shot at his first Cy Young.

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