Can Miguel Cabrera win another Triple Crown in 2013?

     Miguel Cabrera, Major League Baseball's best hitter, is on track to win a second Triple Crown in 2013, a year after winning the first Triple Crown in over 50 years in 2012. 

     Through May 20th, Miggy has a whopping .387 batting average (first in the league), 47 RBIs (first in the league), and 11 homers (one behind first place). His 1.116 OPS and 67 hits lead the league as well. I know we are only a quarter of the way through the season, but knowing Cabrera....

  • If Miguel Cabrera wins another Triple Crown, he will join Rogers Hornsby and Ted Williams as the only players in baseball history to win two Triple Crowns.
  • Matt Harvey of the New York Mets has a chance at a pitching Triple Crown in the NL. 
  • Former Cy Young winners Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander were the last to win pitching Triple Crowns in 2011.

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